Grow your Small Business.

Through helpful insight into the inner workings of your business, we enable you to grow your business with a flexible and profitable pricing model. Okumm will give you the confidence to know exactly what you're worth. Whether it's renovation, providing flowers at weddings, building a website or even furniture, Okumm gives you the tools to accurately calculate your costs, confidently determine a profitable selling price and test various scenarios to optimise your profit.


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Focus on what you're good at

Okumm will help you determine how much you should charge to ensure you make a profit while all your expenses are covered. In essence Okumm gives you the power to focus on what you're good at.

Determine your Cost Price

List your Tasks & Assign Resources

List the tasks or jobs you complete to deliver your product/ project, and assign the resources required to create these.

Cost Price Calculation

Calculate an accurate cost price through determining costs of already allocated resources.

Optimise your Revenue Model

Determine a Confident Selling Price

Use the assimilated data to determine a selling price based on the calculated cost, and forecast your total cost and profit.

Implement a Pricing Strategy

Adjust your price to match market requirements and meet your targets.

Generate Quotes & Invoices


By assigning resources that help determine the pricing of your product/service, you’ll be ready to submit instant quotes to potential clients.


The same functionality of assigning resources to determine product/service pricing will allow you to submit accurate invoices upon delivery.